The price for the products will be indicated in euros at the time of purchase on the website. The amount includes all applicable taxes at all times, excluding shipping costs.

In the process of purchasing the website, you have several payment methods for the purchase. You can pay the costs for the product through Apple Pay, PayPal and / or, through the Stripe payment gateway, which will allow you to make the payment using your debit and / or credit card. You can ask Guayaba to issue an invoice for the purchase of the product on paper, which will be sent together with products.

Once the payment is made, the buyer will receive an email from Guayaba in his email account assigned for this purpose, informing that the purchase and payment have been made correctly. If you do not receive the email regarding the order and payment of the product, please contact Guayaba at the email address

The sale of the products is subject to availability. In case of lack of stock of the same, Guayaba reserves the right to cancel the purchase with the corresponding refund of the amount to the Buyer.

Products are unique handmade pieces and may show some imperfections when purchased. Guayaba will not be responsible for natural product imperfections.